2021 AFRICA TAEKWONDO (AFT) Election Results which was held online on October 10, 2021. AFT-ELECTION-RESULTS-2021Download More

The Order of Merit of Africa

It is with great pride that I. President Mr. IDE Issaka has received an Order of Merit of Africa during the Celebration of the  40th Anniversary of the Association of African National Olympic Committees (ANOCA). The Celebration is being held in Abuja, Nigeria on 29-30 Sept. 2021, and the Order was bestowed in the ... More

The Letter for The Anniversary for The Passaway of Gen. Ahmed Fouly

Dr. Chungwon Choue  President World Taekwondo   Subject: Anniversary of the passing away of Gen. Ahmed Fouly  Dear Dr. Choue,   On behalf of Africa Taekwondo Council and myself, I would like to share in this day, the anniversary of the passing away of Gen. Ahmed Fouly, his memory, and the memory of ... More

Africa Taekwondo Election 2021’s Candidates Profiles Booklet

Africa Taekwondo Election 2021's Candidates Profiles Booklet: Africa-Taekwondo-Election-2021s-Candidates-Profiles-Booklet-1Download More

Final List of Candidates in the Africa Taekwondo Elections

Presidents and Secretary Generals of MNAs Members Africa TaekwondoDears,Kindly find attached the final list of candidates in the Africa Taekwondo Elections.Best regardsAly Nour Africa-Taekwondo-ELECTION-LIST-2021-AFRICA-J2Download More

Delivering The 1st Class Order of Sports Merit to Gen. Fouly’s Family.

Delivering the 1st Class Order of Sports Merit to Gen. Fouly's family this week. Gen. Ahmed Fouly In the Reception held by the South Korean Ambassador to Cairo, Hong Jin-wook delivered the 1st Class, Order of Sports Merit, awarded by the Korean President Moon Jae-in, to the late General Ahmed Fouly’s ... More

Africa Taekwondo Statutes 2021

Africa-Taekwondo-StatutesDownload More

Candidate Application for Africa Taekwondo Election 2021

2021-July-10-_-Notice-on-Africa-Taekwondo-Election-2021Download A.-Candidate-Application-Form-of-Africa-Taekwondo-Election-2021Download More

Result of General Assembly E-vote (July 5-10, 2021)

Result of The Africa Taekwondo General Assembly E-vote (July 5-10, 2021): Download The Result: http://wtafrica.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Result-of-General-Assembly-E-vote-July-5-10-2021.pdf More

Morocco to clinch First Place, Egypt Second and Cote d’Ivoire Third Place in Overall Team Ranking in 2021 African Senior Championship In Senegal

Morocco to clinch First Place, Egypt Second and Cote d’Ivoire Third Place in Overall Team Ranking in 2021 African Senior Championship In Dakar, Senegal on 5-6 June 2021 In the face of all challenges resulting from the global Pandemic, and the difficulties of ensuring safety for all attendees,  and in spite of ... More