World Taekwondo Africa SG Letter

Dear President Dr. Choue

Dear Secretary General Mr. Rafaty

Dear WT Member Relations Dep.

Dear WT Africa Presidents Member Nations Associations

These last days were the most painful days in the history of African Taekwondo, as we lost the Father, Mentor, Protector, and Visionary of Taekwondo in our Continent. We will mourn him forever and ever.

Let me seize this opportunity to deeply thank WT  President Dr. Choue for all he has done and is still doing to commemorate our late President Gen. Ahmed Fouly, we are eternally grateful for that.

In that sense, and according to WT Africa Rules (Article 12.1), Mr. Ide Issaka, WT Africa First Vice President, is the Acting WT Africa President until the next elections are held. Mr. Issaka will be carrying out the duties of WT Africa President in the same manner as the late President, Gen. Ahmed Fouly, had been doing.

We promise you that WT Africa will carry out the fiduciary responsibility with World Taekwondo and that we will always do our best to promote African Taekwondo to the best of our capabilities and knowledge.


Nadia Sobhi


World Taekwondo Africa

Download the letter:    WT Africa SG letter

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