WT Africa and World Taekwondo Mourn the passing away of General Ahmed Fouly

World Taekwondo Africa and World Taekwondo Mourn Gen. Ahmed Fouly


It is with great sadness and the whole Taekwondo family was in utter shock upon receiving the news of the passing away of  Gen. Ahmed Fouly, WT Vice President, and WT Africa President on Sep. 27th during early morning hours.

Gen. Fouly was truly an icon for African Taekwondo, and it is during his era that Africa obtained five Olympic Medals during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Gen. Fouly was a great leader and father to the African Taekwondo and he worked for more than 20 years promoting our beloved sport with the dedication of a true warrior. Yet, he also had a very deep human side to him, which he showed whenever there was someone in trouble or needed help, Gen. Fouly was always there.

In that sense, WT President Dr. Chungwon Choue, ordered the setting up of a memorial Altar for Gen. Fouly which stands for two days, 28-29 Sept. and which was visited by him personally, as well as Prof. Kyu Seok Lee, President World Taekwondo Asia and Mr. Jinbang Yang, WT Council Member.

On behalf of the African Taekwondo family, I would like to thank Dr. Choue for all he has done in memory of Gen. Fouly, we are so grateful for that.

Our hearts grieve for Gen. Fouly, and he will be remembered forever.

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